Spicing Up Spring: Aritaum Ginger Lip Scrub 진저슈가 립 스크럽

Top shelf lip care has gained enormous popularity in the last couple of years, with irresistible new products from dessert-flavored balms and overnight masks to exfoliating lip scrubs and color-changing tints. When I was growing up in the late ‘90s/early 2000s, Lip Smackers was a global phenomenon (still is, for many of us!) and my girlhood favorites were Dr. Pepper and Watermelon. Now, as a young adult, I am fascinated with our current lip care market and the sheer variety of textures, hues, and formula types.

It has been a saturated, dull, stay-indoors-as-much-as-possible winter in San Francisco, and so I was delighted to receive this lip scrub in my first box from PinkSeoul in February. Here is Aritaum’s Ginger Lip Scrub.

Aritaum’s Ginger Lip Scrub: “a lip scrub with ginger and sugar that moisturizes your dry chapped lips to create a smooth lip.” Photos by Jackie Sakura.

When to Use

Dry weather and indoor conditions can be unforgiving on lips, so an invigorating and exfoliating daytime/nighttime balm like this one will become a staple throughout winter and early spring.

How to enjoy

After cleansing and your usual skincare routine, this lip scrub can be dabbed with a fingertip and lightly applied to dry lips. A little bit goes a long way, and this ginger+shea butter+orange oil formula will absorb into lips while sugar grains exfoliate. Follow with Aritaum’s Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask ($9) before bed for truly luxurious lips.

My Appreciation

Prior to applying this exfoliating balm, my only lip scrub experience was with LUSH’s wildly popular Mint Julips. Typically, rich lip masks and silky balms are my products of choice because they are simple to apply before bed and require little working-in. For exfoliation, I regularly use a dedicated soft toothbrush as a more traditional lip-softening tool. I love ginger, though, and this glistening lip scrub has a delicious ginger/citrus bite that reminds me of the lemon ginger tea I brew at home when feeling under the weather.

On my first try, I was a bit too eager and ended up with more than I needed on my lips – had to re-calibrate with a tissue. The next use went more smoothly when I decided to use a lighter fingertip and extract just a touch. The oils in the formula make this lip scrub gloss-like, and the granular sugar requires a little bit of working-in to properly exfoliate lips.

For the purposes of delivering smooth lips (and a bit of flavorful, gingery cheer), this lip scrub is a winner. It will be especially appreciated by ginger lovers and those who gravitate towards earthier, natural-ingredient products.

To get it

Aritaum’s Ginger Lip Scrub is sold at KollectionK at just under $7 (PinkSeoul values it at $10).

Aritaum’s Ginger Lip Scrub was featured in PinkSeoul‘s January/February box.

xo Jackie Sakura

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