MIZON Hydra-full Solution Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream

MIZON Hydra-Full Solution Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream. Photos by Jackie Sakura.

Having lived in Hawai’i, near the Dead Sea, and now on the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean, I am quite excited to come across sea-based ingredients and formulas. On top of that, MIZON’s products always look so glossy. The Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream was a welcome surprise when I received it in the January/February PinkSeoul box. I find myself still using this everyday, and even carrying it in my travel makeup bag! Here’s why:

When to use

Wear morning and evening to add a velvety top layer to your existing skincare regimen. The lightweight formula is also thin enough to apply at intervals during the day, especially in dry/humid weather.

How to enjoy

Squeeze a dime-sized amount into your palm and rub hands together before lightly pressing into skin.

My appreciation

I instantly fell in love with the formula’s mild floral/sea salt scent and its velveteen texture. Another product feature worth mentioning is the tube itself – a gorgeous aquamarine hue that makes the gel’s application doubly convenient. It is much easier to use than the standard pump bottle. There are several factors that make this a keeper for me, but these qualities particularly stand out. Plus, no oily shine or dryness after applying!

The product’s description actually provides a list of qualities that may help you compare this gel cream against your selection criteria:

  1. Four kinds of content[s] that give a special plant base for better absorption.
  2. Brightens skin tone and blemishes for a cleaner skin tone.
  3. Absorbs quickly and its cool texture controls skin balance.
  4. Fresh formula with mild moisturizing effect.
  5. Plant extract soothes damaged skin from the harmful effects of the environment.
  6. Fresh and light gel texture.
  7. Non-paraben and oil free formula.

I would agree that this gel cream offers great absorption, feels fresh and light, and leaves your skin feeling clean. Overall, it applies smoothly, wears comfortably, and smells like a sunny day by the sea.


Seawater, hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, watermelon, basil leaf and birch, coral water, licorice and lily extracts.

To get it

K-beauty movers Peach & Lily make this cream available for $10.

This lovable product was featured in the January/February PinkSeoul box.

xo Jackie Sakura

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