the face shop/tony moly spring 2017

Even though we are well into summer now (already!), I have wanted to post about my favorite spring-themed products for a couple of months.

In my last shu uemura post, I actually indicated that I wanted to try everything sakura, and so was able to satisfy some of that interest. A lot has occurred in my life over the past couple of months, including finishing graduate school and moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas – whew ^.^ There is more exciting news about an upcoming international move… that I will include in my next post!

In this post, I have recommendations for a versatile lip and a few other key springtime items from our favorites The Face Shop (더패이스샵) and Tony Moly (토니모리) that can easily translate for the summer. Inspired by Sou Sou’s Katsuji Wakisaka, the designer who brought us countless iconic prints and the updated tabi, this post is truly dedicated to bold flavor, bright hues, and more light in our lives.

The Face Shop (from clockwise): (1) Designing Eyebrow Pencil, (2) Glossy Touch Lipstick in ‘Bridal Beige,’ (3) Trendy Nails Basic Original in ‘Shooting Star’ and ‘Not Quite Red,’ (4) Lovely ME:EX Pastel Cushion Blusher in ‘Peach Cushion,’ (5) Yehwadam Revitalising Cream, (6) Dr. Belmeur Ato Salt Cream, Foam Cleanser and Toner. Photos by Jackie Sakura.
  1. the face shop designing eyebrow pencil – A decision to try different eyebrow shapes (I have notoriously full brows) resulted in this first eyebrow pencil purchase. Unlike some softer brow formulas that require sharpening, this is a square-and-flat-type retractable pencil that can create sharper or rounder forms and has a handy built-in brow brush on the end. This 2-in-1 feature was a great feature for me, since I like to have combination tools. It’s been great for both tracing my eyebrows and filling in the gaps without sacrificing a natural look. The formula itself is a touch waxy, which gives it just enough hold for a day. With this in mind, if you happen to swipe your eyebrows, set on top of makeup, you might have to reapply! RoseRoseShop sells this pencil for around $3.The Face Shop Glossy Touch Lipstick
  2. the face shop glossy touch lipstick – Creamy, light and sheer, this lipstick is one of my favorite lip products as of late. With a lovely peach fragrance and smooth application, I enjoy using this balmy lipstick during the day when I am out and about. At a wonderful price point for the quality, you will be impressed by the wearability and sophisticated packaging of this chic product. My shade is ‘BE01 브라이드베이지 Bridal Beige’ and appears as a sheer pink on my lips. It is a glossy lipstick, so there is definitely a moisturized shine to this formula. Very lovely, all around. YesStyle offers this lipstick for shipment from South Korea at just over $12 – slightly cheaper than the regular store price in the US!
  3. the face shop trendy nails basic original in RD304 섭섭하지않은 레드 (‘Not Quite Red’) and GLI027 슈팅수타 (‘Shooting Star’) – After trying an eye-catching coral shade of this nail polish last year, I was quite impressed with the formula. More American nail polish formulas are now including built-in top coats or other glossy finishes, which I am a big fan of. This is a major selling point of this formula, as two coats can give you a complete, shiny nail with no residual damage – it dries neatly and is easy to remove with acetone, making it easy to change up nail colors if you wish. With that said, the Trendy Nail Basic Original formula may not be what you’re looking for if you’re into matte nails! I actually first came across this nail polish when I was looking for something close to Aritaum’s Modi Glam Nails after returning to the US, and am now a true fan. Layering the gold glitter polish on top of two coats of the red polish (or a color of your choice) creates an extra punch. YesStyle offers these at just over $4 online and you can also find a full selection at your local The Face Shop store.
  4. the face shop lovely me: ex pastel cushion blusher in peach – So. Adorable. This powder blusher comes in a very sweet mini blush box with a matching tiny puff. The whimsical packaging will be the first thing to catch you eye, with a retro design and playful themes like ‘Coral,’ ‘Plum,’ ‘Pink,’ and ‘Rose.’ The first time I saw this product was in Pony’s Instagram Makeup – Snowflake Makeup Tutorial, in which she layers this soft powder blush onto a rosy cream blush to add dimension. Although I do not often use this on my cheeks, I actually really enjoy it as an eye shadow. It can be brushed onto a shimmery base shadow to create a gorgeous sunned look, if you want to wear just a hint of coral. For all these reasons, it has become a very popular product and, thus, is available at a discounted price of $8-$9 on YesStyle.
  5. the face shop dr. belmeur foam cleanser, toner, and ato salt cream – These were three samples I got to try from The Face Shop’s Dr. Belmeur line – a creamy formula line that offers skin protection with natural ingredients that include birch sap, sea salt, peony extract, ceramide, and even NATTO! Designed as part of a four-step ‘Daily Repair’ system, it is advised to use them in the following order: (1) foam cleanser, (2) toner, (3) moisturizer (not pictured), and (4) Ato salt cream. The name ‘Ato’ comes from the ‘Atopic’ quality of the dead sea salt formula, which is designed to deliver deep moisture to skin. As I have written about previously, I really enjoy sea salt formulas – maybe because they remind me of the Dead Sea. Considering the richness of these contents, it is not surprising how luxuriously thick these products are. My favorite of the three would be Ato Salt Cream. They are available in a convenient Starter Kit for around $20 on YesStyle. Definite steal.
  6. the face shop 예화담 yehwadam revitalizing cream – One more sample (I love The Face Shop)! This is one of the most glamorous samples I have ever tried. Yehwadam 예화담, meaning ‘Example,’ is an indicator of this line’s intention to set a higher bar for luxury. The silky formula delivers both a glow and a magnificent fragrance to skin through the moisturizing properties of Korean White Flower. While the musky and floral fragrance may offset some, I found it to be one of the loveliest qualities of this cream. Restorative as a nighttime mask, a 50ml jar of this formula is available on YesStyle for around $40 and can be found with the rest of the luxurious Yehwadam line.
  7. tony moly the hayan cherry blossom brightening essence – What better time to try a cherry blossom essence than springtime? Fitting with the season and my namesake, I tried this essence by incorporating it into my daily skincare routine. In a 55ml package, I finished this in just about two months and enjoyed having a lightweight formula as part of my regimen. Visibly brightening, this milky essence has just a hint of a sweet cherry blossom fragrance, with an extract made from special Jeju Island blossom leaves and a blend of vitamins. On its own, this essence is hydrating but very light-wearing. One of my favorite features is actually the removable cap and the bottle pump – makes application extremely convenient, especially as part of a multi-step skincare routine. I would love to try another cherry blossom formula after this! You can find this at Tony Moly stores, Ulta, and online for $27.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’ve got some news to share in my next post. Excited to announce new, international content will be coming onto this blog later in 2017, so please stay tuned! I hope your summer is off to a glowing start.

xo Jackie Sakura

What makes you bloom?


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