Hello! Jackie Sakura is my name, though I go by many others including Sakura, “Cherry Blossom,” and 재키 (Romanized as “Jaeki” from Korean). I am a recent MA graduate of the University of San Francisco and am preparing to move to Japan in August 2017! And yes, I am hapa : ) Broadly, I am of Japanese, Korean, and Northern and Eastern European descent, with a peppering of Yakut and Iberian genealogy.

Artistic expression has been a guiding theme in my life, growing up across the world. I am a node surrounded by a global network of diverse family members and friends who produce and celebrate art across a spectrum of mediums – painting, photography, portraiture, dance, song, poetry. Growing up transculturally in a diplomatic family in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Europe and the Pacific also shaped my aesthetic lens. I did a major project on street art across Mediterranean Europe while finishing high school, based on two weeks of fieldwork in cities including Barcelona, Paris, Nimes, Rome, Florence and Monaco. Later in college, I had an incredible internship opportunity at an internationally renowned cultural institution that allowed me to research, write a paper, and build a website on Asian American heritage tattoos and their connections to early tattoo traditions in China, Korea, and Japan.


In addition to visual art and personal/collective expression, language has played a driving force in my pursuit of creative learning. In college I gravitated towards linguistics and later sociolinguistics while studying Mandarin Chinese and political science. Hearing many languages and dialects growing up, and with international friends who were 80% multilingual, I realized how central language is to bridging humans. These themes of inter- and intracultural communication and conflict resolution became central to my graduate studies.

Beyond these bridges between my art and my learning, my desire to step up my online creative presence has been deeply influenced by a budding class of strong, talented, unapologetic female bloggers, icons, and lifestyle movers – particularly hapa-identifying artists, like myself – who are infusing the entire media landscape with new, multicultural possibilities.

With that, I hope you enjoy seeing more of the work that comes out of this context in the posts to come. Follow my blog come August for more beautiful Japan and Korea-related content! Happy reading, happy blogging, and keep blooming.

xo Jackie Sakura

What makes you bloom?